Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello Juniors!

We are starting a whole new topic on Monday, December 7th. The topic is BIOTECHNOLOGY or some people like to talk about GENETIC ENGINEERING. It can be found in Ch. 5 "Clegg" and on p.30-33 'Skinny" book. We are going to study this in GROUPS. Your group will choose one of the 5 main topics I will show you in class, you will then present and teach it to the rest of the class, write a quiz on it and grade those. We will spend the rest of this semester on Biotech.
We will do a LAB on Bacterial Transformation sometime in December.

Hello Freshmen!
We started a new topic on DNA this week. DNA, RNA and Protein synthesis can be found in Ch. 10-14 in your book. We will spend the rest of the semester on this topic.

See you all in class! Mrs. Kehoe

Thursday, November 5, 2009

First week of November

HL/SL IB Biology - Juniors
Integrated Science - Freshmen

HL Biology:
We are going to be studying GENETICS until Chris mas. This topic can be found in Ch. 4 "Clegg" and on p.23-33 in "skinny book". During your next double period we will do an activity on Karyotyping, you will turn it in that day. Mitosis and Meiosis will be studied next. See p.31-33+92-97 in "Clegg" and p.11+24 in "Skinny". There will be a quiz comparing the two divisions before Thanks Giving.

SL Biology:
We are studying Mitosis and Meiosis p.31-33+92-97 "Clegg", and p. 11+24 "Skinny" books. You will have a quiz on comparing the two divisions before Thanks Giving.

You are working on your 6 Kingdoms project in Ch. 18 and following. I have also handed you a review paper on Biodiversity and Classification. These will both be due at the latest before Thanks Giving. See you n class!